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We share the open source tools and support to bring your idea to the starting point.

Let’s bring it to the point!

  • Share ideas you want to bring to life
  • Find ideas you like
  • Connect with different people and teams
  • Give and get feedback
  • Enjoy the co- creating process
  • Create a plan and fix a budget
  • Share on social media
  • Co-Budgeting to community fund

We bring our ideas to life!

  1. Develop the idea to a project
  2. Bring the project to life with ANANADA
  3. Share and multiply the impact with the community

We start a crowdfunding platform you’ll love…

We connect you with the right open source tools and people to become more successful.

Check out the idea stream and the amazing badges & gifts you can earn.

Become part of ANideaANDAcommunity!

Bring your ideas to life!

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